Latest video release related to Bitcoin. Have a look at this “Blockchain Is NOT Sexy? Kucoin FUD 😱 $250K Hunt For Satoshi Nakamoto | Gold vs $BTC | $KCS” video below:

Blockchain is NOT sexy? #FindSatoshi Rumors of Kucoin fake office surfaces and spreads massive FUD, Gold vs Bitcoin, DASH CEO says “We don’t need Wallstreet,” tomatoes on the blockchain, the hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto, crypto news, and more!
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0:32 Markets
1:35 The hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto:
3:32 Kucoin (KCS) FUD!
6:07 DASH CEO: “We don’t need Wallstreet”
7:30 Blockchain Brad:
9:35 Blockchain is NOT sexy:
11:30 Tomatoes on the blockchain:
13:20 ClearPoll (POLL) news:
13:46 PChain (PAI) x CertiK (CTK):
14:23 Zeepin (ZPT) news:
15:15 🤑 Deepbrain Chain (DBC) DeepToken (DPT) Airdrop:
15:30 High Performance Blockchain (HPB):
16:00 Peter Schiff: Gold vs Bitcoin
17:19 Turkey develops blockchain center:
18:07 Bitcoin Obituaries:
18:24 It could ALWAYS be worse:

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