Latest video release regarding Bitcoin. Have a look at this “😱 Did Oyster $PRL Exit Scam?!? A Crypto Battle Royale Is Coming… Are You Ready? 🚀” video below:

A crypto Battle Royale is coming… are you ready? Did Oyster $PRL just exit scam?!? Reasons why the bear market is actually good, Chinese $BTC documentary, Trezor adds $XLM support, tokenized gold bars, FICE “Halal” exchange, crypto news, and more!
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0:01Vitalik Clapping… Again…
0:55 Markets: Oyster (PRL) 📉
1:58 Oyster Protocol exit scam:
2:51 Reddit response (removed):
4:04 Oyster Aftermath:
4:20 Orignal BitcoinTalk:
5:19 Battle Royale of Crypto:
7:15 Why the bear market is good:
8:34 Cinese BTC Documentary:
9:33 Patient Zero:
10:18 USDC vs USDT:
11:35 Send Bitcoin using Excel:
12:13 600+ companies interested in IOTA:
12:21 Binance (BNB) listed on eToro:
12:53 Trezor adds Stellar Lumens…..(read more)