Latest video release about Bitcoin. Check out this “Bitcoin MANIPULATION! The Most Powerful “Gatekeeper” of Crypto That NO ONE is Talking About…” video below:

How bad is the crypto space REALLY being manipulated? This entity could be considered the “gatekeepers” of crypto, yet NO ONE is talking about it… and it’s NOT who you think!!! Facebook, DDEX leaves $ZRX, massive global adoption, #bitcoin news, and more!

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1:03 Markets
1:59 Don’t bet against Charlie Lee:
5:48 Amazon could start next bull run:
6:07 BTC outperformed Apple (last two years):
6:20 BTC payment adoption:
7:50 Why are we STILL crashing?
12:59 Should we be worried?!?
17:36 DCG x Coinbase:
18:09 Coinbase custody lists XRP and USDC:
18:26 DCG portfolio:
20:56 Facebook cryptocurrency?!?
22:54 BTC, XRP, and Litecoin (LTC) news:
24:01 DDEX moves to Hydrogen Protocol:
24:14 Swiss legal framework:
24:50 Global crypto adoption:…..(read more)