Latest video updates regarding Bitcoin. Have a look at this “The REAL Reason Bitcoin Just Dumped!!! MAJOR Exchange Data HACKED & Sold on Darknet!” video below:

#Bitcoin takes another dump!!! However, this time we know why (insane coincidence). Major exchange data hacked and sold on the darknet, Coinbase bans more users without explanation, Venezuela first $BTC ATM, Cryptos tv show, news, and more!

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1:12 Markets 📉
1:49 Why I believe Bitcoin just dumped…
6:46 1confirmation to launch second fund:
8:24 Bittrex OTC:
12:08 Hacked Exchange Data:
15:49 Coinbase bans user:
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18:23 Tron (TRX) x Kiip:
19:15 Exchanges owners jailed for wash trading:
20:14 Venezuela BTC ATM:
20:31 Cryptos the TV show:
21:41 Alternate Cryptos articles:
21:57 Matcha:

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