Latest video release about Bitcoin. Watch this “ALERT! BITCOINs ETF is Confirmed & Coming Soon!!” video below:

The next BIG event, after the halving is the Bitcoin ETF!! & it’s been confirmed and is coming soon! We have research that connects: The Fed, The Treasury, Coinbase & financial powerhouse Blackrock! Are they conjuring something big like the long awaited BTC ETF? You gotta tune in to find out!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Intro-Hound Dog Howl!
00:58 The Real Fun for the Miners Begins!
02:13 Bitcoin Miner Breakeven Data
03:13 Coinshares on the BTC Mining Industry
03:54 The Federal Reserve Begins the Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility (SMCCF)
05:02 Blackrock’s Connection the the SMCCF and the FED
06:18 Snoogan Boogans on the SMCCF and Blackrock
07:08 Blackrock Is Going to Make BANK!
07:35 Blackrock’s Crazy Growth
08:30 Blackrock’s Connection to All Presidential Administrations?
09:40 The Dark Timeline of Blackrock Financial
10:11 Bright for Bitcoin & Crypto?
10:38 Blackrock’s Words on Crypto
12:04 Head of Blockchain at Blackrock See’s BTC As Undervalued
14:05 Putting It All Together: The Bitcoin ETF!?
15:00 Getting Things Rolling with JP Morgan & Coinbase
15:28 Outro

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