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#Bitcoin and crypto at critical levels! Don’t make the same mistakes as last time! Tether admits it bought $BTC with $USDT, the real problem with #cryptocurrency, $USD vs BTC, JP Morgan FUD, stabelcoins hit top volumes, crypto news, and more!

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Intro Credit:

1:57 Bitcoin Pizza Day:
2:30 Markets 〽️
10:00 Buy Bitcoin now?
11:46 One Dollar vs 1 BTC:
14:14 The biggest mistake most people make in crypto ⚠️
19:50 JP Morgan FUD:
21:75 Cost to produce a dollar:
22:07 Bitfinex attempts dismissal:
22:20 Tether admits it bought BTC:
24:13 Stabelcoins hit top volume:
26:24 Ledger Nano Review:…..(read more)