Latest video release regarding Bitcoin. Have a look at this “SEC Considering ETHEREUM 2.0 a SECURITY Due To STAKING! Tezos? Cardano? Bitcoin Miners DROPPING” video below:

►In a move that I did not see coming, the CFTC and SEC looking at the upgrade to Ethereum from POW (proof of work) to POS (proof of stake) and is considering branding ETH as a SECURITY! The CFTC has sent out requests for information and the POSA (Proof Of Stake Alliance) has answered the call but WILL IT BE ENOUGH or will Ethereum, Tezos, Cardano and Cosmos be labeled a SECURITY and thus fall under the jurisdiction of the SEC or will their lobbying efforts be sufficient? Personally, I do NOT want any crypto to be labeled as a security! Also, Bitcoin BTC fees are skyrocketing as miners are dropping off the network. What does this mean for the narrative that BTC is a currency or does it even matter as a SOV?


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